When you are injured in an automobile accident or in a slip and fall case, it is critical to see your doctor immediately to address your injuries. In cases where follow-up treatment is necessary, your treating physician may refer you to a physical therapist, chiropractor, or other medical professional. It is extremely important to the healing process as well as to the value of your personal injury claim that you keep your appointments. When appointments are missed, insurance companies will use what is called a “gap in treatment” to reduce the value of compensation that you may receive for your injury.

What is a Gap in Treatment?

A gap in treatment occurs when there is a significant time between the time of your initial injury and the time that you seek medical treatment, or where you have started medical treatments but have waited months to follow up on scheduled or recommended appointments. In those cases, the insurance companies will use the gap in treatment as evidence that you were not injured since you failed to seek follow up treatment. Of course, missed appointments do not mean that you are not injured. However, in recent cases, insurance companies have refused to cover the medical bills for any treatment received after the gap period, leaving the injured party with uncompensated medical bills.

What Should I Do if I Cannot Make My Appointments?

Sometimes a gap in treatment cannot be avoided. There are varying circumstances that may lead to missed appointments or gaps. For example, you may not be able to afford to miss days from work. Another example may be that you have a sick parent or relative that you are responsible to care for without any assistance from others. Whatever the reason, it critical that you communicate with your attorney the reason for missed appointments. Your attorney can then document your file and will have the ability to counter any arguments advanced by the insurance company that your claim should be devalued.

Avoid Missed Appointments

If at all possible, do not miss your appointments. Reschedule your appointment if necessary within a reasonable time, but do not let a significant time lapse before returning to your recommended course of treatment. You deserve to be fairly compensated for your injuries. The amount that you are compensated will depend on the extent of your injuries and on the consistency of your treatment. Don’t give the insurance companies a way to avoid doing what is right and just.

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